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Shotgun blasted Nokia E90

This is being sold at Ebay. Here is the description.

Nokia E90 Communicator
For Parts ONLY
The unfortunate victim of a negligent discharge from a 12 Gauge Shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot. Fortunately no one was hurt.
My Loss and Stupidity is Your Gain!

Half of the phone is still intact. Neither screen survived, however the camera, Front Keypad, SIM and Mini SD reader and part of the plastics are still intact.

The phone is being sold AS IS. Obviously it Does NOT work or power on!

Battery and Battery Cover are NOT included.

1 comment:

  1. Whelp... that would be my phone ;) And yes, I did spend more then $900 for it... and no I didn't do it intentionally.

    I've been handling firearms for 20 years and this is the first time I've had an accident - at lest the only thing damaged was my pride and my phone ;)

    You can see more pictures, along with pictures of my desk and the Netgear Ethernet Switch that go caught in the crossfire in the Photo's section of my website http://www.lildobe.net


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