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Asustek completes spin-off; reiterates no patent infringement with IBM

Asustek Computer has posted a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) on January 9, announcing that the company has completed its planned spin-off and again commented on its ongoing patent infringement case with IBM.

In the filing, Asustek said the official spin-off date was January 1, 2008 and the process was completed on January 2. Asustek has now become a pure brand company after transferring ODM related operations to newly formed subsidiaries, Pegatron and Unihan Corporation.

Regarding the patent dispute with IBM, Asustek said it would work with patent lawyers to cooperate with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in its investigation of IBM's complaints. Based on the evaluations of patent lawyers and industry experts, the company said it is very confident that it has not violated any of IBM's patents. In addition, Asustek stressed that it does not expect there will be any material impact on the company's business and sales growth.


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