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The iPhone arrived this summer in Switzerland

Swisscom has just been awarded the exclusive right to sell the iPhone 3G as early as this summer Suisse.

More than a few weeks to take ... If everything goes as planned, the Swiss could tasting of the iPhone while beautiful, brand new in stores Swisscom as early as this summer. Apple and a number of telephony in Switzerland are indeed entering into a collaboration agreement, according to a source of Swisscom.

And good surprise: it is the 3G version, the new version of phone multimedia brand the apple, which débarquera in Switzerland. Dopé by a more powerful chip, the toy fashionable offer more features such as video conferencing, mobile TV and GPS. It should be put on sale in June in the USA.

Obsolete the "old" iPhone
"The new version of the iPhone reléguera to oblivion the first generation, sold more than 5.5 million copies," says a specialist who believes that the patience of Swisscom paid in this case. "After one year of service in the U.S. and just over seven months in Europe," old "iPhone has become obsolete." As a result, operators such as T-Mobile, Germany, the Swiss army knife bradent multimedia. Like AT & T, the USA, which sells half-price at $ 170 (179 Swiss francs).

But the secret of the transaction with the Californian company is well kept at Swisscom. "Nothing is done", merely to meet its spokesman Christian Neuhaus. Even silence on the part of Apple. "But the signs are not wrong," says an observer. The blue giant has just launched a mobile television service.

Another clue: Apple has signed an alliance with Vodafone English. The world's number one telephony will distribute the iPhone in a dozen countries and above all it will develop content services for the machine from Apple. Swisscom, which is a partner in the giant English since 2003, will benefit. And there is no doubt that the 40 000 owners of iPhone moonlighting in Switzerland will be seduced by these new offerings.

Who could indeed resist a football match live on its 3G?


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