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Motorola announces ten new models of mobile phones in Brazil

Releases include sophisticated equipment such as the Special Edition V9 Ferrari, cellular and dedicated most basic models.

Motorola announced this Tuesday (1 / 7) new models of phones that are coming into the domestic market by the end of 2008.

In all, the manufacturer is bringing eight models, covering more sophisticated equipment provided, as the newly launched Motozine ZN5 (fruit manufacturer's partnership with Kodak), a special version of MotoRazr V9; dedicated equipment such as the Rokr E8 (899 real, already available in the domestic market), returned to like music, and more basic models, such as cellular W180, W231, and W396.

Apart from Motozine ZN5, Motorola also made the Z10 (1,299 U.S. dollars), mobile 3G (HSDPA, GSM / GPRS / Edge) in kick-slider (sliding and that adapts to fit the face of the user) and which has screen 2.2 inches and able to play videos at 30 frames per second and support for external memory card up to 32GB. Model also has dedicated button to activate a 3.2 megapixel digital camera, able to click up to 3 photos per second.

Even in the family Motozine, Motorola is bringing the ZN200 (499 U.S. dollars), equipped with the 2MP camera, Bluetooth stereo, capacity-editing images, 30 MB of internal memory and comes with 1GB of memory card. The ZN200 includes CrystalTalk technology, which improves audio quality in environments with excessive noise, 3G technology. Both the Z10 as the ZN200 be available in Brazil in September.

As the original version of S9, the MotoRazr V9 Special Edition (1,399 U.S. dollars) has ultra format, includes tecnlogia CrystalTalk, which improves audio quality in environments with excessive noise, 3G technology, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, and comes with the game Mobile Ferrari World Champioship (Gameloft) installed.

With specific focus on photography and fruit of the partnership with Kodak, the Motozine ZN5 (1,199 U.S. dollars) has to 5MP camera, autofocus, Xenon flash, 4GB of memory and external optional adjustable settings for environments with low light. The phone includes functions that allow the sharing of images in the Kodak Gallery and use of ShoZu, a service that allows photos to upload pictures of several sites on the web. The equipment arrives in Brazil in August.

Motorola has presented four series of cellular W, specifically for those who like to listen to music, and are more affordable prices, from 100 reais (W180). The W396 (400 U.S. dollars) comes with 1GB memory card, has integrated VGA camera and your player is compatible with Windows Media Player. It has key dedicated to music and is able to tune FM radio and even record snippets of songs that are being heard. The model W388 has candybar format, also FM radio tunes, including the function MotoID (a service capable of identifying any music), VGA camera and CrystalTalk technology.

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