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Nokia of 5800 XpressMusic will be put on the market on the price of 15 thousand rubles

The largest in Russia network on sale of household equipment and electronics “[Eldorado]” will begin sales of the long-awaited cell phone Of nokia of 5800 XpressMusic on December 5. Because of the successful combination price- quality this communicator already deserved the title “of the killer of iPhone”. In the month into “[Eldorado]” of the telephones Of nokia of 5800 XpressMusic it will be sold 2 times more than communicators from Apple.

Musical [smartfon] Of nokia of 5800 XpessMusic is equipped 3,2 one inch [tachskrinom], developed for control of fingers, that reflects to 16 million colors. Apparatus is also equipped with special sensory key for the instantaneous access to the work functions with the images, video, music and Internet. Is also the communicator build it 3-[Mp] camera with optics Of carl Of zeiss. Nokia 5800 is equipped with 140 mb. of internal storage, into delivery set will enter the map of memory on 8 Gb, apparatus itself will support the maps of memory with volume to 16 Gb.

New mobile computer will be also equipped by the built-in GPS- navigator and the program Of nokia Of maps 2.0. Its musical degree of orientation will be one of chief characteristic and communicator 5800. Apparatus is equipped with special [audiochipom] and two powerful stereo-dynamics loudspeaker for the best reproduction of audio.

“We will be glad are glad to propose by our buyer this innovation product as Nokia of 5800 XpessMusic. This musical [smartfon] will undoubtedly enjoy large popularity. Interest in the novelty will be caused not only by its technical qualities, but also by price, into “[Eldorado]” the cost of novelty will be 15 thousand rubles. In the month we plan to sell more than 10 thousand communicators Of nokia of 5800 XpressMusic. This index is 2 times higher than in iPhone, which is sold at the level of 5 thousands per month”, note Maxim Pavlov, leader of direction “the cell phones” of company “[Eldorado]”.

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