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Nokia E81 ripoff

Perhaps, see NOKLAE81-1 first you do not think he is a communication tool can be used,四四方方look, there is a lanyard ring can be illuminated hole, more like a jewelry. But no matter how you want, NOKLAE81-1 is a can be used not only can also be used to play with the phone. 180 ° rotating screen, is similar to slide open the entire computer keyboard, unusual. Built-in gravity sensor, easily thrown off-screen special effects songs also let you in the game interesting.

MTK platform operating system
Mainstream FM radio features FM
Dynamic built-in games 1 games 2 general games
Mp3 music player and background play, support equalizer, support for Bluetooth stereo output, Bluetooth headset
Video 3GP, MP4, AVI, 3GP/MP4/AVI full-screen playback, support fast forward / pause
E-book download a large number of electronic documents can be read. TXT format
FM stereo FM radio, headset外放need to be recorded from time to time
Pixel high-definition video camera
Take photographs to support audio description of AVI video shooting, and the specific time based on the size of the memory card
Data applications
Body memory memory 742KB / support 4G TF card expansion
Expansion of support for Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice), Bluetooth music (stereo)
Data transfer U disk / data wire / Bluetooth stereo output
Picture format jpg, gif
Java expansion
Basic functions
Optional language Simplified Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian
500 group contacts the fuselage card-style phone book, caller ring tones, caller group
SMS / MMS messages 50 to support MMS
Switching machines to customize the screen switch machine can be set up自动开关机
5 Group alarm clock, alarm clock, can set MP3, and can set up alarm clock from Monday to Sunday
Ringtone format mp3, midi
Speaker independent speaker
Calls function
Other features MP3 function, MP4 functions, hands-free calls, sound recording function, WAP function, radio features, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS MMS, memory expansion, e-book, IP call, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, exchange rate, World time, Memorandum, MSN
Appearance / screen
Slider form factor
Size 69 * 69 * 14.5MM
Weight 75G
Cool black color options
Screen material / type of color screen
260,000 color screen color number
Resolution of 240 × 320px
2.4-inch screen size
Package weight 0.65
Basic parameters
Time-to-market 2009.08.14
Phone type
The application of personalized mobile crowd
Standard two-wire (860 milliamperes) / charger / headset / data lines
The application of the frequency of 900/1800MHz
Standard GSM network
180-250 minutes talk time
200-280 hours standby time
Shifting保换warranty for seven days / six months warranty

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  1. It is a cool concept and it is surely going to ebe successful.Looks different...nice.


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