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Blackberry Windows Mobile phone ripoff

Simple straight lines with the same sleek design as the sports car for 9500 is full of contemporary, classic black body fusion of the same sparkling silver border. 3.2-inch touch-screen touch up the majority of big-screen body position, even more commercial atmosphere - this is the flagship of 9500. Strong Hisilicon K3 CPU460HMz, ultra-fast response speed, the latest windows6.1 operating system, such a wonderful feeling it is today, this flagship of the founder of 9500 given, ultra-fast WIFI wireless Internet access and EDGE let you swim Wireless network world. Built-in GPS global satellite voice navigation system, using the latest maps Kay Rucker navigation, practical, rapid, enjoy ultra-fast positioning and navigation! Built-in QQ2008, windows live, AdobeReader a series of PPC software, brings us the true pleasure of mobile office ...... hard-decoding video player, even 640 * 480 film is to achieve 30 frames / sec, the screen of the delicate Let us all cardiac endless, coupled with large 3.2-inch flat-screen touch screen, gives us the perfect business, entertainment co-existence pleasure!

Time to market 2009.07.07
Standard configuration of the two power (1100 mA) / DC Charger Car Charger / navigation bracket / headset / data cable / 2G TF Card
Applicable frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Network standard GSM, EDGE
240-360 minutes talk time
150-240 hours standby time
Warranty replacement warranty for one year / seven days limited warranty
Available colors black, gold
Optional language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Appearance / Screen
Product appearance handwriting
Size of 101 × 60 × 16.5mm
Weight 122 grams
Screen resolution of 240 × 320px
3.2-inch screen size
Hardware and software parameters
Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system,
CPU Hisilicon K3 460HMz
ROM / RAM memory 256M/128M
WIFI Internet access WIFI / EDGE high-speed Internet access
GPS Navigation Built-in Srif star III navigation chip (third generation)
Memory expansion supporting up to 16G TF card expansion
2 million pixel camera pixels
Photographs described maximum support 1600 × 1200 photo output, support for unlimited audio recording.
Data Transfer WIFI / USB / Bluetooth, require third-party software can realize U disc function. Activsync phone synchronization.
Detailed description of the

CPU: Hisilicon K3 460HMz RAM / ROM: 128M/256M
Operating System: windows mobile 6.1 WIFI / EDGE high-speed Internet access
Built-in Srif star III navigation chip (third generation)

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