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Google removes EasyRoot app from the Android Market

So much for downloading an application from the Android Market to easily root your Motorola Droid or Droid X. Last week, a new application entered the Android Market promising the ability to root the phone without requiring any heavy lifting for the average user. It seems Google has put a kibosh on that plan, suspending the application from the Android Market.

EasyRoot ($0.99) amassed more than a 1,000 downloads before it was removed from the Android Market. Google has not given an official reason for the removal of the app and the developer is still “looking into” the matter. It’s possible that this application runs afoul of the Market rules or a manufacturer’s terms of service, so it cannot be distributed through the Market as a result. Google previously removed some tethering apps from T-Mobile USA versions of the Market because they violated the carrier’s policies.

However, the Market suspension hasn’t stopped EasyRoot developer Unstable Apps. A customer who purchased EasyRoot via the Market before it was pulled forwarded this message to us:

Thank you for your support of Easy Root by Unstable Apps. We are sorry that Google decided to suspend our application from the Market, but fully intend to continue supporting your purchase. You can download the latest version of Easy Root at: http://www.unstableapps.com/apps/EasyRoot.apk.

Anyone who has a Droid or Droid X and wants to get an easier root method can purchase a key for Easy Root directly at the UnstableApps website. PayPal is required to complete the transaction. There have been some reported PayPal errors, but the developer fielding support issues for people affected.


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