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IDC: Apple computer manufacturer number 3 for the U.S.

, IDC conducted a preliminary assessment of the computer market in the third quarter of this year, which shows a lot of changes. It estimates that the U.S. market, but HP has managed to show growth only Apple. This progress has allowed the company from Cupertino to take on the U.S. market in third place, edging out Toshiba and Acer, which does not hit and the five largest suppliers. Among the primatial change was not - it's Hewlett-Packard and Dell have respectively 28.6 and 21.9 percent of the market. While Apple - 11,3%, and Toshiba - 8%. Closes the U.S. market, Lenovo 6.8%. These results are in the U.S. have had an impact on global supply market. However, it is worth noting that outside of the North American continent, the position of Apple is not too strong and the company finds itself already in the column "other manufacturers", which accounted for 39.7% of the market, more than twice higher than that of the dominant HP, controlling 18.1% of computer market. On the second place went up the Chinese Lenovo, whose share reached 13.7%. Having previously held the second place Dell dropped to third place with 12%, showing a loss of 1.6% of the market. In fourth place - the main loser of the third quarter - the company Acer, which has managed to show a negative growth of as much as 20.6%, which threw her from 13.1% market share in the third quarter of 2010, up 10% market share in the third quarter of the current. The top five largest manufacturers ASUS, and while it has increased the supply by a third compared with the previous quarter, but the annual growth compared to the world market amounted to only 5.2% in 2010 to 6.5% in 2011. The share of "other" manufacturers practically did not change - an increase of only 0.5%. As noted, the particular importance was the fact that the company Acer, a significant share of the business of which consists of a compact mobile solutions that are most affected by the entry plates. While other companies are manufacturers of classic computers and laptops as well felt the blow caused by Apple. C on the other hand, tablets do not have the other major players in the world market - supply reduction, but Acer has demonstrated only Dell, but the difference between the third quarter 2010 and third quarter of 2011 was -1.6%. It is also worth noting that IDC forecasts a pre- , the company has not published their data on the results of the third quarter.

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