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Cellebrite presented solutions for the physical extraction of data from the phones based on Nokia BB5

The company Cellebrite (owned corporation SUN) announced today that the first and only company in the industry that produces a system of physical extraction of data from devices based on Nokia BB5, both locked and unlocked.

As noted in the company, the physical extraction of data from devices using proprietary Nokia BB5 boot operating system from Cellebrite, and this feature is already available for users and UFED Ultimate UFED Touch Ultimate with a valid license.

According to the report, analyst firm IDC, published in February 2012, Nokia is a world leader in manufacturing mobile phones with a global market share of 27% and sales of more than 417 million devices in 2011. Investigators continually have to deal with the huge number of devices from Nokia, of which they need to quickly retrieve the open, hidden and deleted information. This information often provides invaluable assistance to investigators and law enforcement agencies in gathering actionable evidence needed to arrest and court action against the suspects.

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  1. Oh my god if this is going to be case then any damn individual could breach your mobile phones security and steal precious data...The cellebrite technology is licensed to forensics or legal authorities i suppose.. but what if misused...?


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