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Aesthetic integration of a seamless body design, full of artistic beauty, polycarbonate body material, the interpretation of zhishang new flagship.

Main function The camera  never miss a memorable moment. Camera 0.7 seconds to start and rapid continuous shooting, and 1080p high-definition video, while recording side take high-resolution photos. The HTC ImageChip imaging technology in any light and movement conditions, so you take the best photos.  A full range of audio HTC One Beats Audio ™, any sound you hear on the phone: music, movies, games or Youku, are rendered with full original sound. * Need to with headphones or Bluetooth.Design  4.7 inches Diamond glass screen not only durable and scratch-resistant. Compact body design, the use of cambered glass, ornate mirror steel roast sidewall the machine back signs lens Ringed design.

The tide still Technologies intellectual interest applications
NFC wave of cool: a secure mobile wallet Merchants Bank, supermarkets, fast food shops or pharmacies, gently brush that complete the payment, new air Quancun function more readily rapid recharge; two phones light touch instantly transfer information, easily Personals. Exclusive HTC-Sina V disk cloud storage, backup, sharing unbounded. The new HTC application Mall, a collection of the domestic popular applications, and bring a new experience. Integrated massive HD television dramas and movies with the popular online game, play smooth look interesting more fun.

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HTC Sense is people-oriented, simple and easy to operate Hey! mouse over the screen

Recording of sync
so you can shoot high-definition images at the same time, can easily capture the perfect photo, there is no difference in the photo quality and camera mode.

HTC's high-speed continuous shooting
lens AF and continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second 20, the coherent action vividly recorded, so splendid instantly freeze.

Wyatt dynamic sound
unique Beats Audio sound enhancement technology, Beats Audio full-scene audio whether listening to music, watching videos or playing games, the sound quality were perfect upgrade, realistic sound as if the person at the scene, shocking experience unparalleled.

Expedited procedures
are exempt from the menu hard to find common procedures, and only need to complete a simple setup, single one click, you can quickly get the latest weather information, stock market information or concerns figures microblogging recent developments, as well as you need to quickly browse handling issues and a list of activities.

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  1. Excellent and A Cool samrtphone which is easy to use. This HTC phone has Amazing stylish body with an impressive 8-megapixel camera and a stunning screen. The Pictures Are extremely clear and eye pleasing and it has a quad core processor which is good.

    HTC One X


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