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[PORT] Xperia Honami Camera app with new Image processing v3, fully working!! [1/07]

Hello Xperia Z, ZL or Tablet Z users, 

I've ported the Xperia Honami Camera app to our devices 

I know sometiles there is noise in pictures and pictures aren't always good, I've kept some files of Xz for now, but I'll try to improve this port the next few days 

== Information ==
- Camera functions:
- AR effects
- Superior Auto
- Time Shift
- Photo Effect
- Manual Capture Mode
- Info-Eye
- Sweep Panorama
- Ultra fast focusing
- New Image Processing from Xperia Honami
- Newer Camera libs for Image stabilization etc
- Superresolution Image processing (not sure if it has an effect on our devices)

== Requirements ==
- Stock 4.2.2 rom
- Deodexed rom

== Installation ==
- Flash package in recovery
- Clear Cache and Dalvik cacha
- In settings clear data of all camera apps

== Changelog ==
v3: Fixed Flash and new HDR lib

v2: Fixed updater script to remove old XZ, XZL, tablet Z camera apps

v1: Initial release

== Download ==
- Mediafire: Xperia Honami port v3
- Mega: Xperia Honami port v3 mirror Uploading


Camera Options:


Art Filters:

AR Effects:

Some more:


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