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Samsung India offers full refunds for imported Galaxy Note 7 units

The Galaxy Note 7 was never released in India. Samsung announced the first recall on the same day the handset was supposed to be released in the country. The company wasn’t able to resume sales in India because a couple of weeks after replacement units started going out it decided to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 completely. It’s already providing generous incentives to customers who pre-ordered a unit and never received one, and according to a report, Samsung India is also offering full refunds to those who imported a Galaxy Note 7.

India was one of the few markets where the handset wasn’t even released when reports of the Galaxy Note 7 burning up started coming in. Things moved so quickly towards the discontinuation that Samsung didn’t get a chance to release the Galaxy Note 7 in India at all. It apparently doesn’t matter if you had the Galaxy Note 7 shipped to you in India or just brought it with you into the country from abroad. The report says that Samsung is offering refunds for imported Galaxy Note 7 units in the country and that the refund value is calculated in respect to the Indian pricing of this handset. Refunds are reportedly being processed through Samsung Smartphone cafes and service centers across the country.


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