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Telefonica and Huawei Win ‘Best Innovation in Virtualization’ Award at Broadband World Forum 2016

Telefonica and Huawei have won the ‘Best Innovation in Virtualization’ award at the Broadband World Forum 2016 in London for their IP and Optical SDN network. The award was given for the industry’s first commercial deployment of such a solution.

Operators' traditional IP backbone and optical backbone bearer networks are independent, lacking linkage in terms of network planning, service provisioning, resource management, and service protection. This results in low efficiency, high maintenance costs, and a slow response to customer requirements on operators' transport networks. To improve architecture efficiency and reduce OPEX on IP and Optical backbone bearer networks, Huawei collaborated with Telefonica to launch the SDN-based IP and Optical innovative project.

Telefonica and Huawei jointly carried out a range of activities including network and system architecture research, application scenario definition, prototype testing, first office application (FOA) verification, and service verification on live networks. Based on the new solution, Huawei provides service capabilities such as cross-domain traffic visualization, quick cross-domain service creation, service-driven resource collaboration, and cross-domain service protection.

These capabilities greatly improve operators' network operational efficiency and service provisioning flexibility, reduce OPEX, and further improve customer experience and satisfaction.

"It is our honor to win the award from the Broadband World Forum, which showcases industry recognition of the joint innovative work of Huawei and Telefonica,” said David Wang, President of Huawei Network Solutions.

“The acceleration of digital transformation in the industry impels operators to fully transit to cloudification in the future. Huawei will cooperate with its partners to develop open industrial ecosystems, build more agile and efficient on-demand networks for operators, and help operators to implement business transformation through cloudified architectures and services."

As a leading global network service provider, Huawei has constantly invested in the SDN field, is devoted to building a healthy and sustainable industrial ecosystem, and works with its partners to create greater value for global customers and build a better connected world.

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