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[April 11 _ Samsung Electronics News Cafe] Three Art Projects · Introduce '24 Hours Kitchen' · Let's run the Samsung Electronics campus!


The New Subjects for Samsung Fine Arts! [0:04]

On April 10, Samsung Science & Technology Foundation was announced.
16 basic science, 11 novel material, and 17 ICT subjects were selected.
And the selected subjects will be paid a total of about 61.7 billion won for research.
Check out the video for more information!

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Introducing the 24-hour Kitchen [6:25]

Milan, the city of fashion and design!
Samsung Electronics participated in the 58th Milan International Furniture Fair, introducing its design philosophy and its differentiated product identity. Staff Announcer Kim So-jung will introduce the news.

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Let’s Run Samsung Electronics Campus! [10:19]

Samsung Electronics held a ‘Run for Love’ event where you can take care of your health and donate your money through running.
The ‘Run for Love’ event was held at Samsung Electronics’ campuses nationwide, including Giheung, Pyeongtaek, Hwaseong, and Onyang.
Staff Announcer Son Sung-do introduces the news at the scene..

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