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[99 Seconds News] Home Care for Hair Loss with Deep Learning?!...C Lab Spin-Off Successfully Unveiled 3 Leaders of Creativity

 Samsung Electronics supports three startups that were created by Samsung employees as part of the company’s C-Lab Inside in-house incubation program. 

The three new startups include:

- “Yellosis,” a smart toilet that performs urine tests and transmits your results all at once, helps you manage your health by analyzing samples you can get from your daily life.

- Becon is a homecare service for hair loss that analyzes hair volume to density and odor through a scalp diagnosis device, which quickly grasps the condition and proposes an optimal solution.

- ‘Bling’, a messenger service of things, helps celebrities and fans to share and communicate emotions such as their voices and handwritten letters in real time.

The C-Lab spin-off program provides startups with the investment and business consulting needed to help them grow. Samsung also provides a five-year window during which employees who launch startups can return to their jobs if their endeavors prove unsuccessful, meaning that individuals can embark on their entrepreneurial projects without having to fear that they are risking their careers.

Check out [99-Second News] to see more details.

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