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[Clothing Care Reimagined] ② Discover How the Samsung AirDresser is Redefining High-end Clothing Care

 Your wardrobe is a reflection of your lifestyle. From business suits to athletic wear and attire made of denim, fur and leather – the garments in our closets are representations of our personalities and daily routines. But until now, consumers have generally been required to rely on their single washing machines and frequent, cumbersome trips to professional cleaners to ensure that their various garments are taken care of and refreshed properly.

Enter the Samsung AirDresser, which makes it easier than ever before to manage specialty and delicate clothing items right from home. Delivering deodorization, pollutant removal, wrinkle care and drying functions in a sleek plug-in device, the AirDresser allows you to keep your clothing, accessories and fabric items in top condition while cutting down on trips to the dry cleaner.

Run the ‘Delicates cycle’ for materials like chiffon and lace, or for more precise care look to the ‘Special cycles’, which are customized for items like down jackets, outdoor wear, and school uniforms. Not sure how to take care of your ties or your child’s first birthday dress? Leave it to the AirDresser.

And the AirDresser has a lot to offer beyond specialty garment care for every household, including a ‘Sanitize cycle’ that uses high-powered steam to remove germs and allergens from items like bedding and babywear. So how did this new device come about? Samsung Newsroom sat down with Chul-Kie Park and YunKyung Kim from the Living Product Planning Group at Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business to hear the story behind the AirDresser and how it is reimagining garment care for various types of lifestyles.


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