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Honoring excellence in the transgender community: gc2b and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute

 In 2015, designer and entrepreneur Marli Washington saw a lack of safe, accessible chest binding options for himself and the broader transgender and gender nonconforming community, so he started gc2b–a company creating chest binders designed by trans people, for trans people.

But he didn’t stop there. Being a Black and Latinx trans man, Marli is passionate about uplifting all members of the broader trans community in its full diversity. By donating proceeds from gc2b’s capsule collections, he is able to support organizations like The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, whose mission is to protect and defend the human rights of Black trans people in the United States.

Visit g.co/TransAwarenessWeek to learn more about gc2b and how Google is honoring Transgender Awareness Week.

C R E D I T S:

Produced by: Xpedition Media, an LGBTQ owned and led agency

Additional Support From: GLAAD, Elle Hearns and The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and Raquel Willis

gc2b video and image credit: Candace Chambers

Trans right march video credit: Tytan Taliaferr

Brooklyn Liberation image credit: Serichai Traipoom

BK Liberation BTLM image credit: Cole Witter

Brooklyn Liberation March 2020 image credit: Alexey Kim

LGBTQ March and Pride image credit: Michiel Thomas

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