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Meet the Secret Hinge that Makes the New Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Possible

 Let’s talk about design for a second. On a purely aesthetic level, the new Samsung Z Fold2 5G is a tour de force. Most men go for either brown leather or black; the Z Fold2 comes in similar tones: Mystic Bronze or Mystic Black. And, as the phone opens into a tablet like a book, it has a spine connecting the two panels, available in Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red or Metallic Blue. It’s a refreshing strike of confidence in a market dominated by the ubiquitous (and, by now, snoozer) gunmetal gray. The Z Fold2’s stripe of color provides a welcome accent, an assertion of personality, surprise.

A compilation of images showing the colorful hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold2.

A compilation of images showing the colorful hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Yet the phone’s remarkable simplicity is a little bit deceptive, considering how complex the phone actually is. Most of the phone’s hi-tech functions are discreetly hidden from view, behind the scenes, so that its exterior looks magically seamless. As the latest design in Samsung’s foldable series, the Z Fold2 relies on a hinge that holds the panels together. With cutting-edge mechanics—allowing the phone to not only open and close but to stay put—you can use the phone in three distinct ways: folded closed like a regular smartphone, open flat like a tablet, or laid on a surface like a mini-laptop. It’s like three smart-devices in one.


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