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Xperia 5 II – Discover Xperia Game enhancer with Dom O’Brien

 Own the leaderboard with unrestricted gameplay on Xperia.


Whether you’re an occasional player or an e-sports pro, discover what makes Xperia the natural choice for mobile gamers. For an edge-of-your seat gaming experience, technical trainer Dom O`Brien explores Game enhancer on Xperia. 

With access to all your gaming apps from one convenient location, Game enhancer streamlines the user experience, and even remembers your preferences for future gameplay. 

When it comes to your gaming mode, choose from Performance, Battery or Balance – depending on your needs. Xperia now also features the Custom setting, so you can ramp it up to a 120Hz Refresh rate for ultra-smooth gameplay thanks to Sony’s Motion blur reduction technology. Touch response speed and Touch tracking can also be adjusted to suit your gaming style. To avoid accidental pressing, Game mode allows you to optimise the screen’s touch area and preview your settings ahead of gameplay; Focus settings can also disable features like Side sense and the camera button – and other notifications for distraction-free gaming.

For social gamers, gaming headsets can be connected to Xperia – with the voice chat microphone easily adjusted for better audio between players. Recording your missions – especially while using the front-facing camera – also adds a real-time dynamic to your gameplay. When sharing your victories on social media – whether through a single screenshot or screenshot burst – you can take up to 600 screenshots that can even be animated into your own unique GIF.

For improved performance, Game enhancer is also supported by H.S. power control, so you can enjoy the quest for longer – keeping your device cooler and your battery healthy. With Game enhancer available on the latest flagship range, take your gameplay to the next level with Xperia.

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