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How to Take the Best Photos of Your Furry Friends with the Galaxy Z Flip

 From the Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex mode to its handy Quick Selfie feature, the Galaxy Z Flip is as faithful a companion as people’s best friend when it comes to quickly and efficiently capturing special memories – such as those of a your favorite furry friends.

Take a look at the tips below to learn more about how the Galaxy Z Flip can help you take your everyday photography to the next level.

Capture From Each and Every Angle : Flex mode

Ever wanted to stage a solo photoshoot with your pet but struggle to capture shots hands-free without a tripod or other camera accessories? With the Galaxy Z Flip, all you need is your smartphone.

In order to easily snap adorable shots of you and your favorite companion, you can harness the Z Flip’s  folding mechanism and Flex mode to easily capture shots on a timer without the need for any accessories. Designed specifically for the Z Flip’s distinctive form factor, Flex mode splits the display evenly into two 4-inch screens when your device is freestanding so that you don’t have to compromise when capturing.

If your furry friend is being particularly unruly, all you need to do is open up your phone, select a timer setting and settle yourself down so that you can turn your attention to your beloved pet as you shoot.



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