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Making Great Seasonal Cupcakes in the Microwave with Samsung Bespoke Microwave

 For the sweet end of the year, the Samsung Electronics Newsroom prepared a'dessert' gift. Just looking at the colorful desserts dressed in colorful colors gives you great pleasure. The fact that all the desserts in the video were made using the “Samsung Bespoke Microwave”! The'Samsung Bespoke Microwave' has a'home dessert' automatic cooking function, so you can bake without an oven.

From easy-to-follow cupcakes to dazzling tree cakes! Lee Sang-hwa's Patissier from Pa's Baking Studio will introduce you in turn. See the video below for home baking decoration ideas that increase the quality of desserts.

00:27 Making Chocolate Cupcakes

01:41 Building a brownie tree

02:44 Santa Hat Making Cake

04:13 Making tree musque

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