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The White Paper Released by Huawei and a Third-Party Organization Shows That Enterprise Data Centers Are Moving Towards Autonomous Driving Network

 Over 90% of enterprises claim that they pursue fully autonomous networks for service agility, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, according to key findings of IDC's newest survey white paper Leveraging the Autonomous Driving Datacenter Network Index sponsored by Huawei. As highlighted in the report, the autonomous driving data center network helps enterprises reconstruct the network architecture and operation mode and enhance service resilience and continuity. This insightful report also provides some suggestions on how enterprises can promote and gradually achieve comprehensive automation, regardless of their current DCN automation levels.

The race for innovation has begun. In the cloud era, legacy data center networks that provide only connections and bandwidth required by service applications cannot meet requirements. Data center networks are at a critical turning point for change.

To better understand the automation level, challenges, and opportunities of enterprise data center networks, Huawei commissions IDC to survey the current status of data center networks of 205 enterprises in different industries and with different network scales, define the levels of data center network automation, and explore the feasible ways to implement full automation.

Data center networks have become a digital nervous system that supports service applications, and the automation level needs to be continuously improved.

Today, applications and service systems have become the lifeline of enterprises, and new application requirements and service changes are emerging continuously. In particular, the emergence of the cloud operation mode and cloud-native application architecture brings unprecedented challenges to enterprise data center networks. Data center networks need to realize scalability and high performance, and achieve higher agility and flexibility through extensive automation.

"Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the value of data center network automation, including its ability to increase service resilience and continuity, as the data center network provides the digital nervous system to support applications and service systems," Brad Casemore, IDC's Research Vice President, Datacenter Networks, said.

IDC asked respondents to identify what was driving their need for data center network automation. At the top of the list was application and business continuity and resilience (between datacenters/clouds), which was cited by about 45% of respondents. IDC believes this result was accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused organizations to prioritize business resilience and continuity as they focus on keeping the digital lights on during an unforeseen crisis.\


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