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[Friendly D-Man Season 2 #1] The story behind Samsung Galaxy S21 OLED from display experts! (Feat. Subscriber Comment Event)

 Are you curious about the story behind the development of the Samsung Galaxy S21 OLED display?

Display experts gather to tell the difference of the Galaxy S21 OLED! •̀.̫• ́✧

Let's listen to all the development stories and episodes mixed with the blood, sweat and tears of Samsung Display pros ヽ(^o^)丿

[01:00​] Q1. Role of work in Galaxy S21 OLED development

[02:05​] Q2. How to proceed with image quality analysis and evaluation?

[02:22​] Q3. What differentiates Galaxy S21 OLED?

[03:11​] Q4. How is the Galaxy S21 better than its predecessor in terms of organic materials?

[03:38​] Q5. Galaxy S21 quality secret?

[04:19​] Q6. The key to making a good display?

[06:21​] Q7. Samsung's OLED that has improved like this! What is the secret?

[07:08​] Q8. What was a rewarding moment during work?

📣 Friendly D-Man Season 2 Opening Event News

★How to participate in the event: Subscribe to Samsung Display's YouTube channel, and cheer for the friendly D-Man season 2 with comments! (Channel subscription and support comments are required!)

★Event Period: From February 23, 2021 to Tuesday, March 02

★Winner Announcement: Samsung Display's Official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SamsungDisplay/​)

★Event giveaway: [Starbucks] Sweet dessert set (7 layer ganache cake + 1 cup of Americano Tall) 10 people

Sincere comments are a great help to friendly D-men💕

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