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[SDC On The Stage] Is there a Cube Master in Samsung Display? (Feat. Subscriber Comment Event, SamsungDisplay, Cube Master)

 Samsung Display has Cube Master?! 🤩

Cube master in just 10 seconds! Yunsoo Nam Pro!😏

If it's work, it's work, if it's hobbies, it's a hobby!

Not missing two things, and spreading your life confidently

Samsung Display's executives and employees are introduced at'SDC On The Stage'! 🔥

(Interview link: http://news.samsungdisplay.com/26760​)

📣 SDC On The Stage event news

★How to participate in the event: Subscribe to Samsung Display's YouTube channel, and cheer with comments! (Channel subscription and support comments are required!)

★Event period: From February 25, 2021 to Thursday, March 04

★Winner Announcement: Samsung Display's official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SamsungDisplay/​) & YouTube comment announcement

★Event giveaway: BHC Prinkle + Cola 1.25L (10 people)

#Samsung​ #CUBE​

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