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#ShootLikeAPro​ | #BehindTheStory​: Live For The Night

 Did you like the #XiaomiStudios​ film "Live For The Night" that released yesterday? How did the Mi Creator shoot this #NightAndDay​ film and create #MovieMagic​ with the #Mi11​?

🎬Check out the story behind it and learn how to #ShootLikeAPro​.


00:25​ How to use the phone to your advantage

01:00​ How to use Pro Mode

01:49​ When to use Ultra Night Video

02:20​ Why use macro lenses

03:23​ How to stage a transition

03:53​ How to tell a story

Learn More:

https://mi.com/global​ (Global official website)

https://twitter.com/xiaomi​  (Twitter)

https://facebook.com/xiaomiglobal​ (Facebook)

https://instagram.com/xiaomi.global​ (Instagram)

https://c.mi.com​ (Mi community)

https://blog.mi.com​ (Mi Blog)

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