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New SE Elena (M610?) info

The photoshopped Elena (by deuxani) is 95% accurate of the real phone. It will have Wifi. The front casing will be metal except for part between screen and keypad. The backside has silver edges and the flat part will be in a black rubber. The back speaker is very loud. The prototype software is almost stable and the transition menu is already implemented. It has the same configuration as the M600 in the service menu. It is most probably only triband with UMTS but no HSDPA. This phone will have a PXXX name. It will be lower than P990 even though it is newer and is more superior in specs. The phone will have a 3.2 mega pixel camera with AF and two leds (that in his opinion too close to the camera). The cam has 3x digital zoom and many settings. Video recording resolution will be max QVGA. This info was posted over at Esato by a member under the name of "DocTorpor". Whether this info is real or not that's for you to decide. He seems to know...He also says the Elena is brilliant.

- Excellent music quality without static
- Good photos from cam (not on the level of K800/K810), pics have more noise, less sharpness and colors not as natural (red/blue hue)
- Wifi b/g
- Almost same size as M600 , 1-2 mm thicker
- Solid build
- Useful software enhancements
- Menu speed about the same as M600 (transitions off)
- 166 MB internal memory (screenshot). About 78 MB available at bootup. He says it's hard to get under 50 Mb and he is running all the apps that he wants.
- " It's a more polished and updated version of the P990 in a M600i formfactor. Its a convergence (P990 -> M600i form factor) + evolutionary (P990i+) device."
- "Lizzy" is cancelled
- Numbers on the keypad are red and backlight is white
- Front camera is in accurate place as in deuxani's pic
- The second pic was created by deuxani today according to the info given
- The third and fourth pic shows how the back of the phone looks like
- Last pic shows how the front will look like
- FM radio with RDS and a new interface that's supposed to be very nice
- Deuxani created an excellent pic of the front and back
- In case you were wondering where the speaker was here is an explanation
"The speaker was very cleaverly hidden under a shiny silver horizontal bar above the camera. Both the silver top-edge and the piece of black directly above the cam were just dipping inwards 1mm or so on both sides of this bright silver bar, leaving speaker holes of approx. 1mm in depth and 1mm in width on both sides. The silver bar itself was flush with the rest of the housing. (-deuxani?- you gave this horizontal bar a gradient already). Both the full-width speaker openings were covered by the same sort of cloth used on the speakeropenings on the M600i. With this handset, the color of the cloth was black. The speaker was very loud!!!"
- On the left side of the phone above the jogdial is a metal loop for attaching a strap
P700 = Elena will be announced 20th April (this Friday)

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