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New Suny Ericssun K630 - the first Sony Ericsson W610 clone

Well, this was fast. The Sony Ericsson W610 has been cloned. The SE and Walkman logo was copied without any changes. The fonts used resembles the fonts used by SE. They replaced the "o" with a "u". This is the latest trick that is being used (like in the Scny Ericsscn Z610 and the Suny Ericssom Cyber-shot). The phone has a touchscreen, stereo speakers and 2 mega pixel camera. It really looks like the real W610 (that's one hell of a good copy). They even put effort into making their own model number and styling for the box (which reminds me of the SE Walkman phone boxes). Suny Ericssun....hahaha.


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