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Nokia announces 3109 classic - Mobile connectivity goes back to basics

Nokia today announced the new Nokia 3109 classic, a mobile phone that offers a productive feature set, long battery life and expandable memory for effective, reliable and distraction free communication. Nokia 3109 classic is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2007 at an estimated retail price of EUR 140, excluding taxes and subsidies.

The Nokia 3109 classic is a well-balanced package for consumers and companies who appreciate simplicity and value for money. Functional for office use, the Nokia 3109 classic includes email with attachments, and synchronizes calendars and to-do lists with personal computers through its USB connection. The memory of the Nokia 3109 classic is also expandable to 2GB with a microSD memory card.

This is basically a 3110 classic without a camera and in shade of grey (3110 is in black). It will also be cheaper than the 3110 by 10 Euros. Seem like the excitement is bouncing between Nokia and Sony Ericsson with announcements and leaks everywhere almost everyday.

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