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Sony Ericsson MOOI

Apparently this the latest rumor going around at Esato. This is the supposedly the official codename of Maria. This is what was posted (by m-one):

This date (15th June) was mentioned twice from two independent sources. I'm observing the french forum as well. Now, it's seems very likely to me that this date is real. BTW: Has anyone of you heard something about an upcoming phone named: MOOI ??? According to a user @ se-world.info it seems to be the official codename for maria. And maria is assumed to have 8GB internal memory. Sounds like an iPhone offensive. Can anyone confirm this information?

The user said that this is the codename among direct SE-customers. But he has also no clue why it is called like that. Maybe it is going to be beautiful...

These are the facts that I know about the W950i successor/facelift or whatever it'll be:
• Design very similar to the W950i but with an ordinary keypad with 'real' buttons again
• 2,6" screen size
• 8 GB internal memory
• 3.2 Megapixel cam with AF
• New bluetooth-headset included in the package (most probably the one assumed to be announced on the 28th May)
• It also may have the same battery as the P1i with 1160mAh
• 3G but no HSDPA
• Walkman UIQ And of course, it was described as a very noble phone.

MOOI sounds weird to me but possible. Shinobu is also a weird name. This phone really sounds interesting if true. I hope for more info soon. What is also interesting is that the next announcement is supposed to take place on June 15th. We shall wait and see.

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  1. "MOOI sounds weird to me but possible. Shinobu is also a weird name."

    SE codenames lately tend to be names of pro tennis players, and so is Shinobu (Asagoe). Where MOOI comes from - no clue.


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