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Okwap C150 live pics

This phone is made by Okwap (popular brand over in Asia) and is called the C150. It is supposed to be competing with the LG KG90. I personally find the LG better looking (more stylish). Upon first inspection the phone looks like it can be slid open but that is not the case. It stays as it is with no keypad. Instead it has a big touch navipad (Sony Ericsson W850 style) and is very visible in the dark (lights up in red) which I admit is kinda nice. I am sure the navipad is more comfortable to use than the W850 since it is alot bigger. It is 15.8 mm thick and weighs 91 grams. It features a 2.2 inch 260k 176x220 touchscreen, 2.5 mm connector and a 2 mega pixel camera (which is crap). The phone doesn't support bluetooth, IR and no expandable memory (117 MB built in) just makes the phones way less attractive. Oh and the phone has 2 sim card slots.

Pics from 163.com

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