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LG set to launch Viewty in Middle East and Africa

Dubai: LG Electronics on Monday said it will launch this week the much-awaited LG 'Viewty', the new professional-level camera phone, for consumers in the Middle East and Africa.

Viewty will be retailed at Dh2,100.

Viewty is the first handset in LG's new line of high technology handsets and boasts a number of "world first" easy-to-use features never seen before on a mobile handset.

Combining sophistication with ultimate functionality, this five-megapixel handset includes manual focus for the first time.

User convenience

"With a manual option, the camera focus can be set on any point at the users' convenience giving high-quality photos every time. When taking photos in poor light or shaking moment, users can also benefit from ISO800 and SmartLight and one touch Image Stabiliser for bright and clear pictures," the company said in a statement.

The world's first LCD full touch-screen mobile was introduced by LG with the launch of the 'PRADA Phone by LG', which now has been advanced with LG 'Viewty' by adding a touch signal to allow the user to confirm proper functioning of the touch screen.

The Viewty can also record high quality video recording, at 120 frames per second.

Once a picture has been taken, users can instantly view and edit their image on the three-inch full LCD touch screen with its handwriting editing function before being sent to others to share that special moment.

The full screen enables users to enjoy high quality DivX video files in wide-screen format.

Taking videos has never been easier and now they can be shared with the world, with a single-click connection through HSDPA 3.6 high speed internet capability to YouTube.

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  1. I like the phone. LG came up with something new in their design and technology as well. But personaly I dont have much liking for LG phones because I had very bad experiences when I had used LG chocolate. Nice blog with very good content.


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