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The Gucci mobile phone

More over LG Prada and Samsung Armani...here is the Gucci mobile phone...the unofficial version from China (there is supposed to be an actual real one being made by GUCCI...but we have this one till then). The phone is gold plated with 24K gold, has Gucci cloth patterns on the sides and back and to top it all off...comes with crystals pretending to be diamonds. Here are the specs.

- 2.1 inch 16 million color QVGA screen
- FM radio
- 2 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- stereo speakers
- measures 110x50x17.6 mm
- weighs 99 grams

The phone also comes with a Gucci styled luxury box and some certificate that says the gold and crystals are real. It also comes with preinstalled Gucci themed content. I guess the phone looks ok but not too great...

Pics from eemobi

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  1. hello

    how can i get one? pleas,

    and how mach the cost ??


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