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Sony Ericsson W760 First Impression Cell Phone Review

Wirelessinfo have posted an interesting Sony Ericsson W760 first impression review. Here is the final impression and conclusion.

The estimated prices for this phone are currently $399 for unlocked, and $99 through a carrier, with a contract. The $399 price is too steep, since other phones at that price point are fully-featured smart phones. The $99 fee really isn't much for a phone with so much functionality. At this price point, the only comparable phone in terms of a cost to functionality ratio would be the Palm Centro, and it's aimed at an entirely different audience.

Nokia N95 - The N95 is also an imaging-oriented handset. This comparison will hinge on three factors. First is the price. The N95 is probably the closest comparison to the Z10, because it's a very imaging-oriented handset. The N95 also offers tons of additional smart phone functionality, but comes with a $699 price tag. Assuming the prices stick to what Sony Ericsson estimate, the W760 should be a much more cost efficient multimedia device.

Z10 - This matchup will have to be settled in our labs ultimately. At this time, the main issue for comparison resides on what you value more: actuality or potentuality. The W760 has better built-in software, but not very much extensibility. The Z10 is a blank slate that has the potential for much greater functionality. This issue is largely user-dependent. Also, we can't compare prices since the Z10 has yet to be stamped with one. At this point, however, we think the W760 should be the choice for most buyers.

Apple iPhone - Coming in at a few hundred dollars cheaper with better all-around multimedia functionality, we think the W760 is definitely a good iPhone alternative.

Who's It For?

Business User:
Business users won't find the organizational software or messaging options they need.

Budget Callers:
Budget callers like cheap devices, and this is a relatively cheap handset. The W760, however, will have far more bells and whistles than the average budget caller would want. For the budget caller/media maven hybrid, this phone is definitely a viable option.

Chatty Teenager:
Chatty teens will love this phone. It has a youthful look to it, great imaging and editing software, an adequate keypad for texting, and a good music player. Just like a business device, however, we're not sure the average chatty teen would use the phone to its fullest extent. If they're ardent YouTube contributers, this is a great phone.

Media Maven:
Since we haven't tested the handset yet, we can't assert with 100% certainty that this is truly a phone for media mavens. If the video and picture quality are horrible, then the editing features really won't be worth the disk space. As it stands now, however, we'd recommend this phone to media mavens as a cheap alternative to the N95.

The W760 is definitely a phone we're eager to get into our lab. At a glance, it looks like this phone is set to be a really good multimedia device set at a good price. The overall software seemed to be really impressive, with the previously mentioned exclusion of the organizer. We definitely like the extras, like the AGPS and the motion sensor. Again, if the price estimate comes to fruition and carriers don't cripple much, the W760 looks like it'll be a great handset.

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  1. W760i's controls is that the Clear key and the secondary shortcut button are a bit crowded and they lack any definition. On a couple of occasions we mistakenly hit the End key when we meant to press the Clear button.


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