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radJacket CHARGE

IPod touch which can enjoy music, animated picture and Internet with intuitively know operation. Therefore such a iPod touch as for we would like to carry with anywhere, proper thing.

Also iPod touch the っ and color it is we would like to go to the place. In order that you answer such demand, ラディウス developed the bulk battery built-in case.

If battery on-board case radJacket CHARGE is used, iPod touch the fact that it protects from the scar and the soiling probably is of course furthermore even even the electric battery remaining amount to stop becoming matter of concern.
Because the battery is built in to the case itself, altogether there is no kind of troublesomeness which carries about the extra battery.

Please taste many enjoyment, more freely.

The conduct range of iPod touch spreads! With charge battery loading substantial extension period of use!

Because the lithium ion battery is installed in the portion of the case itself, the smart using feeling which does not make of the charge electric battery be conscious.

The picture the protection seal attachment which is protected from the scar and the soiling

The cleaning cross attachment which is optimum to remove the soiling of the substance,

Input 5 V/1000mA
Output 5V/500mA
Capacity 3.7V/2100mA
Electric battery type Lithium ion
Charge method It charges by way of the miniUSB terminal
Full charge time to case * Approximately 3 hours
Size/weight 70 (W) x138 (H) x25 (D) /125g
* The case where this product is charged after removing iPod touch from the substance, please go.
* This product the repetition charge of approximately 500 times is possible.

- RadJacket CHARGE itself ×1
- Private USB charge cable ×1
- Protective seal ×1 for iPod touch picture
- IPod touch itself business cleaning cross ×1
- Manual/guarantee ×1

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