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Linux-Nokia becomes true

When does Nokia not tell yet, Linux based the mobile phones will come onto the market.

Nokia prepares to bring the Linux based mobiles to market.

Director of finance Rick Simonson said the company on Monday JP in seminar of Morgan Chase in Boston, that "we proceed absolutely in that direction".

Simonson did not take a stand to it what Linux version it will be come to use. - I leave it on the ones making a decision on the technique he it said.

He did not take a stand on it either Nokia along Linux based Google to launch to the Android architecture project. Simonsonin along the use of Linux will be extremely important. The company sells a already Linux based one Internet devices, such as Nokia 800 and 810 -hand-held computers.

Arrival of Linux mobiles however, to precede Symbian Series wholesale new 60-based Nokia mobiles. Nokia is a big owner, Symbian. Symbian has lowered its software licences lately prices. Google intends to divide own into its Android base free.


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