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Nokia launches Nokia For Business site

For years, Nokia has been the leading brand of mobile phone manufacturers. People all over the world have come to rely on our handsets to connect them to the important people in their lives.

Now, more and more companies are finding that Nokia also provides the same level of reliability and innovation when it comes to business mobility. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes using combinations of mobile software, security hardware and mobile devices, backed by our award-winning support.

With the help of accredited Nokia Channel Partners, companies are using mobile software, such as Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite, to connect corporate data to virtually any device over almost any network to meet current and future mobility needs.

We realize that security is one of the most important factors in implementing a mobility plan. IT managers can appreciate the fundamental layer of security infrastructure we offer with firewall and VPN capabilities, as well as client and management capabilities that securely extend applications to devices.

With Nokia for Business solutions, your company will never go it alone. Our Advanced Services can help plan, architect, deploy, operate and optimize your customized solution, to solution. But don’t just take our word for it. The successes found through Nokia for Business solutions have been notable.

Take Flamingo Holdings, for instance. This England-based horticulture business used Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite to bolster its supply chain; no small feat, considering the supply chain includes approximately 10,000 employees, 5,000 acres of farmland and 14 factories.

By enabling multiple devices to connect to corporate data in real time, the company was able to provide workers with a single device with which to communicate to the corporate office. Buyers and senior management traveling throughout Europe, Africa and South America were able to use a single device to access their email, contacts, calendars and tasks.

The IT staff benefited, too. With Nokia Intellisync Device Management, they were able to remotely carry out necessary support functions like diagnostics and repair implementation. Flamingo Holdings reported a 12 percent drop in their telephone bills which they attribute directly to their Nokia solution.

This is just one example of the many customer success stories that you can read about in our knowledge center. Customers throughout the world have put their trust in our expertise. The payoff: cost-savings, a secure mobility infrastructure and, most importantly, productive employees who can enjoy the flexibility of working from virtually anywhere for a greater work-life balance.

Work together. Smarter.


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