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Motorola Sued for Stealing Pioneering Wireless Technology: Inventor Memorylink Corp. Seeks Return of Patents and Profits

CHICAGO, /PRNewswire/ -- Memorylink Corp., a leading innovator in wireless broadband technology, filed suit against Motorola charging the Schaumburg-based Corporation with stealing its pioneering wireless video technology through a scheme of lies, broken promises and outright deceit. The suit alleges Motorola is guilty of willful intent to defraud and steal intellectual property related to Memorylink's invention of certain wireless video technology, now used by millions of people around the world.

"We tried our best to settle this matter amicably with Motorola to the best interests of both companies, but to no avail," said Jon Huard, CEO of Memorylink. "This left Memorylink with no choice but to file the claim against Motorola, since we have a fiduciary obligation to our shareholders
to get value from what we invented."

Since 1998, Memorylink has been developing innovative wireless technologies and products in use by global customers.

"Memorylink's patented invention is used in many video applications and devices today, including the cell phone industry," said Robert Kniskern, co-inventor. "We had hoped to develop exciting new products with Motorola, but unfortunately Motorola decided instead to steal Memorylink's invention for itself."

The complaint seeks treble damages from the profits that Motorola realized over the past several years from sales of Memorylink's patented technology. The complaint also seeks injunctive relief, an order properly assigning 100% of patent ownership back to Memorylink along with any other technology taken by Motorola and incorporated into its product lines.

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