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MegaFon opened network 3G South Ossetia

JSC "Ostelekom", a subsidiary of OJSC "MegaFon", said the commercial launch of 3G network in the Republic of South Ossetia. Investment in MegaFon development of mobile communications in the country in 2010-2011 exceeded 300 million rubles. The discovery of a network of third generation - the main result of a comprehensive program for the development of MegaFon's telecommunications infrastructure in South Ossetia. The new network allows subscribers to use mobile Internet connections at speeds up to 3.6 Mbit / second. At the initial stage of 3G network coverage area ensuring consistent service for more than 70% of the population. 3G network in South Ossetia, the joint team of experts built Ostelekoma and MegaFon. With the advent of the new network subscribers Ostelekoma can use the services of data transmission at speeds sufficient for comfortable viewing of web pages and mobile TV to work with email services, video downloads, "heavy" images and audio tracks. In the short term is added to this list service "Video." In order to access the internet via the 3G network subscribers Ostelekoma not need to change SIM-cards with the usual numbers, as well as reconfigure their phones - all modern mobile devices will switch to 3G automatically. The center sales and customer service in Tskhinvali users are available all the modern means of communication with support for 3G - phones, smartphones, laptops, USB-modems and other devices. Rates for data transmission on the network Ostelekom - 2 rubles per 1 MB. The program of development of telecommunication infrastructure in South Ossetia, in addition to the construction of the third generation network, and includes measures to further improve the existing mobile network GSM. Much of the investment was directed MegaFon to expand radio coverage and improve the quality of communication in the existing mobile network CJSC "Ostelekom."

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