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Theme: the large screen of 4.6 inch dual-core Sony the Xperia ion LT28i Taiwan 4/26

The large screen of 4.6 inch dual-core Xperia ion Taiwan listed
you, there is loyal to wait for the Sony Xperia the ion LT28i a release, since no change of heart? If you like, then congratulations, finally have good news today, Xperia determine ion LT28i, to market conference, held in Taiwan on April 26 and the near future will be on sale in Taiwan. With the Taiwan version of Xperia ion LT28i on sale, seems to see the mainstream launch of hope, in short, want to buy less than a the Xperia ion LT28i friends, even if licensed, the parallel channels is also certainly be able to buy.

The Xperia the ion LT28i and Xperia S LT26i January this year, Sony released the first wave of one of the two new machines, which the Xperia S LT26i has in the country went on sale for some time. The specifications of the two phones use both the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 12 million pixel camera and HDMI, but the Xperia ion LT28i larger 4.6-inch screen, 16GB built-in memory is less than half, but more support for microSD memory card expansion, just like the larger screen and the user of the card function to meet. Another major difference is the Xperia ion LT28i tegmental spend is metal material, very different and the Xperia S-LT26i the Soft Touch materials; but also because of greater cell phone screen, so the Xperia ion LT28i body is also more than half, but the thickness does not increase. The Xperia ion LT28i released so far on planning for the LTE market launch of the high-speed Internet access model, the CES release, and the United States, AT & T, MWC is announced that it will advance to the major markets in the summer, but always are stressed LTE. But fun is the only tube LTE handsets in Taiwan side until finally listed on the Good News, I believe has a lot of people would be glad? But of course, Taiwan version the Xperia ion LT28i network communications will not have problems, still supports HSPA Internet, but certainly will not have LTE Hello!

The ▲ Xperia ion LT28i in the MWC conference, are still stressed LTE high-speed Internet access. The the ▲ Xperia the ion LT28i screen is 4.6 inches (announced at launch to 4.55 inches), the field of vision than the Xperia S LT26i greater are 1280x720 resolution, Sony Mobile of Bravia display technology. The ▲ metal back cover is the Xperia the ion LT28i and the Xperia S LT26i several design one.

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