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Trademark application "MYXPERIA" Sony Mobile is

It was found that the Sony Mobile had filed a trademark name that Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, "MYXPERIA" against (OHIM). Seems to be the name space is not included in the "XPERIA" and "MY".

Be thought of as a name acquired something of cult for Xperia smartphone tablet "MYXPERIA" is whether a name for what is named so, "XPERIA" but I do not know. The literal translation, since "XPERIA" My search services Xperia or lost? To summarize the contents of the segment protection, since applications that upload, download, store, retrieve, and transfer digital content to and from a virtual computing environment and equipment, including smartphones and tablets, the cloud service apps for some You can guess the name. Do you even start cloud service named, "MYXPERIA" in the future. Suppose I think the name of Xperia smartphones, because the application named "XPERIA ~ ~", the possibility of the smartphone is low. Source: OHIM


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