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Best Lumia apps – Travel and Navigation

Where would you like to go today?
Windows Marketplace Apps
When you’re straying away from home either for a long holiday or just a day trip, these are some of the top apps you might consider to look into prior or during your journey.
Nokia Maps (HERE)
Cost: Free
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: The best mobile mapping solution
Let’s not go into too much detail here…if you own a Lumia I’m sure you are aware of how well the maps perform, and you may have even bought the phone specifically because of that fact. It’s safe to say that there isn’t much use for the other solutions available in the marketplace!
Cost: Free
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Search for and book hotels across the globe
This app is a great example of what can be done within Metro, it’s swift, stylish and intuitive. When you don’t know what’s around you (which is most probably the case when you are traveling) you can search 80,000 hotels and book a room from the app too.
Cost: Free
Availability: UK
In a nutshell: Look up train times and purchase railway tickets in the UK
If you ever find yourself in the UK and are planning a trip by train, thetrainline is the one stop shop for all of your railway needs. 
Cost: £1.29 (there’s also a free version)
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: It’s astronomically good (sorry)! 
This app substitutes all utility and replaces it with fun. Point your camera into the night’s sky and the screen will display constellations, planets or deep space objects in quite some detail. This one is great for when you’re out in the wilderness!
Cost: Free
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Translate languages with your Lumia
A must have when you’re visiting a foreign country. Translator lets you use your camera to translate text, voice recognition for speech and text input via keyboard for text. One really nice thing is that you can download phrase books so you can translate things without a network connection. #Win
That’s all for this week, join us next Friday for more Windows Marketplace app reviews (you can head here to see last week’s offering). We also recommend TripAdvisorSkyscanner andTrainTimesLive in the travel + navigation apps category.
Have you tried any of the above? Why not write your own personal reviews below this post or let us know about them on Twitter @Nokia_Connects.

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