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Maps of the two capitals in Shturmann navigation for Android

The company "Content Master" has announced a new package offer in the navigation application Shturmann Maps. The navigation Shturmann for Android now available packages card "Moscow and the Moscow region," and "St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region."

The benefits of such "version-light":

Navigation maps take up very little space in memory Android-device: "Moscow and the region" - 65.5 MB, and "Saint-Petersburg and the region" - a total of 20 MB. In view of the small volume, the cards are stored on Android-device completely, which means that installation of the route takes just a split second.
Mapping of a permanent partner Shturmann - company NAVTEQ - provides detailed coverage of the road network (to within one house), in Moscow, St. Petersburg and all major regional cities also marked vnutridvorovye thoroughfares. Extended address database allows you to search addresses in small towns and many villages.
Yandex corks available in online mode in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in all major cities of the region and on a lot of roads. Improved algorithm of navigation Shturmann paves more convenient and accurate routes based on the data of online service Yandex.
Android-navigation Shturmann provide online information on a variety of useful objects: gas stations, ATMs, hotels, cafes, museums, attractions and so on. The database contains more than 85,000 points of interest (POI) in Moscow, more than 45 000 in the Moscow region, more than 50 000 in St. Petersburg, and more than 10 000 in the Leningrad region. In version 1.6, contains not only the usual categories of useful road facilities, but also there are new: traffic lights, free public toilets, places for recreation and suburban destinations on the road, etc.
Users of Android-Shturmann navigation is possible in the event of an emergency on the road call the tow truck right out of the navigation application. The service is provided with the support portal "All tow Russia."
In addition, the current version Improved overall stability of the program and optimize the flow of battery: fix the problem quickly deplete Android-device when the navigation application Shturmann Maps.
The cost of each packet of cards is only 199 rubles. For navigational maps of Moscow and the region provides trial period. Validity of free license is 7 days. Cards "Moscow and the Moscow region" and "Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region" can be bought directly from the navigation application Shturmann.

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