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Photo of new BlackBerry smartphones

We have already placed on our web site images of smartphones BlackBerry, due out next year and be running BlackBerry 10. The first network was lit candy bar L-series, has recently been thoroughly impressed in different ways. But a series of photos of vehicles N, which will include smart phones with QWERTY-keyboard, the network is relatively small. Until now it was known that the company will introduce two new BlackBerry device: Z10 full touchscreen and QWERTY-piece X10. The last photo on the far right here. Located in the center of candy bar, which is not very similar to the BlackBerry Z10, due to lack of clear-cut plastic strips at the top and bottom of the frontalnyo panel. However, the picture quality will not reliably say that it is a different machine. On the left is the model before the lens does not get. Outwardly, it looks like the HTC ChaCha, demonstrating a completely new approach to the design of a RIM. 

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