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Samsung Italy: Windows Phone 7.8 comes on all our smartphones with WP7.5

These days we have had several contacts with Samsung Italy that, as you will recall , has been revealed as the exclusive rights that the arrival in Italian shops smartphone Samsung S ATIV , new top of the range Windows Phone 8 , moves back to the end of the next January 2013. dell'ATIV S It is not only that we have talked to our Italian contacts internal Samsung Electronics : In fact, we took the opportunity to seek guidance and any confirmation or denial about news that we reported a few days ago , that the Samsung Omnia W would not be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8 . Answer after the jump.

Here's what was said in this regard:
"We can confirm that our products carrying the version Windows Phone 7.5 [and therefore all the Windows Phone so far marketed by Samsung, Ed] , are updated the [version] 7.8 but will be made ​​available with terms decided by Microsoft. "
The answer provided by the technical department of Samsung to our question was absolutely clear and in line with what is promised by Microsoft should definitely serve to dispel any doubts that may arise about the future availability of updates for this or that model of Windows Phone, at least for those branded Samsung. remains doubt about the timing of release of these but we can now rest assured that sooner or later, for sure it will come. Insights: Product page Samsung Omnia W


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