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Experiencing reboots?

Having problems with reboots?

First of all make sure that your phone is running on the latest version of the firmware. You can use PC Companion to check for software updates for your phone.

Having the latest version of the software and still got problems? Then you could try to boot your phone into safe mode to check if the reboots might be caused by some application in the phone.

To boot your phone into safe mode looks a bit different depending on model, but generally you power on your phone and when the text Sony Ericsson or Sony appear you press and hold the menu key. You should see the text Safe mode in the bottom of the screen when it has started. *For phones using soft keys you tap repeatedly on the menu key when you see the Sony logo till the phone boots up.

Still having problems? Please feel free create a thread or post in an existing matching thread here on the forum.


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