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MegaFon to provide Internet very eastern observatory in Europe

Astronomers Observatory in most eastern Europe have reliable access to the Internet from MegaFon. Only in the Urals Observatory of Ural Federal University. BN MegaFon Yeltsin chose as their ISP. According to the agreement with the UFU MegaFon has provided reliable access employees Astronomical Observatory and Department of Astronomy and Geodesy, Institute of Sciences of the university, who work at the observatory, located near the village Kourovka Sverdlovsk region. Under the terms of cooperation, communication operator for the entire 2013 will provide astronomers Ural fixed broadband Internet access using satellite communications channel. Kourovka Observatory, founded in 1965, is by far the most eastern observatory in Europe. It is a scientific institution is located almost at the 60th degree of longitude. Now researchers are studying solar activity, structure and evolution of galaxies, star formation processes, conduct observations of artificial satellites, and asteroids and comets.

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