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Novelty CES: meet the Xperia ™ ZQ, who arrives in Brazil soon!

Sony Mobile introduced its new line of smartphones at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) during the early hours of Tuesday in Brazil.

There are two models launched: the Xperia ™ and the Xperia ™ Z ZL. The latter will be named as the Xperia ™ ZQ Brazil and hits stores in the first half of 2013!

We at Sony Mobile, did research with exclusive Brazilian consumers, and from the results, we decided to launch the Xperia ™ ZQ only in the country. The answers we obtained showed that the preference of Brazilian consumers regarding size, design and features focused on Xperia ™ model ZQ.

Consumer choice took into account the screen, which uses 75% of the frontal area of ​​the smartphone. Ie: Brazilian consumers recognized that this is an extremely compact model, but with a large display.

With screen 5 "Full HD 1080 x 1920p, processor Snapdragon ™ S4 Pro quad-core processor, 13-megapixel camera captures fast (just a touch of a button and the camera is triggered) and 4G technology LTE, Xperia ™ will be a ZQ the most stylish smartphones and technological market.

The model will hit the market on Android version 4.1, better known as Jelly Bean.

"Our goal is to bring to Brazil the best of Sony technology in smartphones, always tailoring our releases to the demands and needs of consumers in Brazil," says Jorge Aguiar, president of Sony Mobile in Brazil and South America

High Tech

As for design, the Xperia ™ ZQ is called "omni balance", which is focused on creating balance and symmetry in all directions of the unit. The texture of the body of the device is all too differentiated.

Have the screen Xperia ™ ZQ is super sharp, thanks to technology Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2, which provides a viewing experience clearer and brighter.

The smartphone shares the same technological innovations digital camera from Sony Exmor sensor and has the RS, which is the world's first sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range) to videos on smartphones. This technology provides clear images in situations of strong backlight, captured more clearly in pictures and videos.

Our new smartphone technology features "one touch" that connects to speakers, headphones and BRAVIA TV via NFC. With the new BRAVIA TV, also announced at CES by Sony, just tap your smartphone on the remote control to instantly view your photos and videos of the Xperia ™ on TV.

Another highlight of the device is the exclusive battery saving mode called STAMINA, which increases by four times or more waiting time smartphone.

This is possible thanks to their intelligence to recognize when the screen is off and open applications off when not used. When lighting the screen, the applications operate normally again.

Not to mention, of course, we at Sony Mobile offer the best entertainment experience with its exclusive media applications Walkman, Photos and Movies. We've talked about them here in our 2012 line, but let me tell you: they come with lots of improvements! And of course, we account for everything here.

See, just below the main features of our new Xperia ™ ZQ!

- Smartphone 5 "most compact market with wide screen that occupies 75% of the frontal area of ​​the device

- Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

- Device dimensions: 131.6 x 69.7 x 9.8 mm

- Screen 5 "Full HD 1080 x 1920p technology with Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2

- Processor quad core 1.5GHz Snapdragon ™ S4 Pro

Camera - 13 megapixels to capture fast

- Exmor RS, the world's first sensor with HDR (High Dynamic Range)

- 4G LTE Technology

- Technology "touch", which lets you connect the smartphone with other Sony products via NFC

- STAMINA battery mode, which increases by four times or more waiting time smartphone

Very cool, is not it? We are very proud to introduce this new product to you readers.

Stay tuned here and follow our main news about the new Xperia ™ ZQ - prices, videos, release date, exclusive tutorials and more!

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