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Tax "Xperia Z SO-02E" released February 9 to 77,280 yen. The price of P-02E/SH-04E

price information, such as multi-spring models doocomo "Xperia Z SO-02E" docomo has been officially published.
Price of Xperia Z SO-02E (from official docomo)
  • 77,280 yen tax
  • Support 1,995 yen monthly (new-model change)
  • 29,400 yen amount substantially burden
It is your impression somewhat high compared with the Xperia smartphone so far. Xperia Z is a popular model in the world. Booking has already started, will be released on February 9.
Price ELUGA X P-02E
  • 82,320 yen tax
  • 2205 yen monthly support (new and change the model)
  • 29,400 yen amount substantially burden
  • 73,080 yen tax
  • 1890 yen: Support monthly
  • 27 720 yen amount: real burden
  • http://rbmen.blogspot.co.uk

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