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Ericsson and Telstra have successfully completed testing of optical data transmission skorostyu1 Tbit / SEC

The company Ericsson announced the successful completion of testing equipment for optical networks transmit data at a rate of 1 Tbit / s (1 terabit per second) on a fiber-optic network of the Australian mobile operator Telstra. Successful tests in the area of optical communication lines stretching over 995 km between Sydney and Melbourne demonstrated the ability to transmit data at a rate of 1 Tbit / s in terms of the real network. The volume of traffic is increasing rapidly, and the introduction of this technology into commercial service enables operators to optimize the network to meet the high bandwidth requirements. During testing, it was shown that the network made ​​by technology can support 100G as terabit data transfer rate, and the speed and 40Gb/sek 100Gb/sek simultaneously on a single fiber. Ericsson company recently announced its decision to provide the company with a platform Telstra SPO 1400 - latest platform optical packet data (POTP) for metro and optical platform MHL 3000 for transmission across the backbone at speeds 100Gb/sek. The tests used NIC 1 Tbit / s platform MHL 3000. Terabit solution from Ericsson, has participated in the trials, has several important advantages: the ability to programmatically configure the optical characteristics, innovative separation of frequencies for high spectral efficiency, and advanced forward error correction system to work seamlessly link.

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